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June 21 Summer Solstice at Haroldhenge

Posted by Tim on June 29, 2019

June 21st:
“Summer Solstice at Haroldhenge”

Our annual Summer Solstice Celebration will be held at the stone circle Haroldhenge, 731 Creek Road, in Clarendon. All are welcome at a spiritual celebration of the cycles of Nature and the vitality of our fire of commitment — through short readings, meditation, movement, chanting and singing, along with the usual spectacular burning of the dry evergreen with our intentions of what we wish to be rid of. Bring instruments and noisemakers. Bug repellent may be useful, though we will have citronella torches. We will car pool from the church at 6:30. If weather is bad, we will move everything but the tree burning inside the church.

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May 26 2019 – Herb Ogden – Memorial Day and Civil Religion

Posted by Tim on June 4, 2019

May 26: Herb Ogden – “Memorial Day and Civil Religion”
Is Memorial Day a religious holiday? If so, of what religion?

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